Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Black with white

Say hello to Andy!!  Andy is a 4-month-old mixed breed boy who came to us through one of our shelter partners along with two siblings.  He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on shots.  His foster family has nicknamed him Bruiser because he’s rough and tumble & still doesn’t quite have his footing yet. Definitely still puppy awkward. He is VERY food motivated and runs every time he thinks food or treat is involved. He’s still shy with noises and quick movements and he has been working on leash walking which he is finding to be a challenge.  Andy is house trained and pretty much crate trained as well. He’s also pretty shy with the other dogs and even though he likes to play, he’s very submissive. He loves to play fetch and is getting better at bringing the ball all the way back. Andy is sweet but not much of a cuddler and would rather curl up on the recliner by himself when he wants to sleep.  He’s not aggressive at all and when he gets too nervous or overwhelmed he will just lay under the coffee table until he feels safe. He goes in the crate on his own when it’s meal times and when it’s time for the family to leave.  Not really a fan of car rides and sometimes gets sick. He’s really cute and would do fine in a house with another dog as long as they’re not overly dominant.