We are partnering with another Delaware non-profit, Pit Bull Pride of Delaware who is currently on an intake hiatus. This dog, now named Barnaby, came to an emergency vet the other night by his owner with wounds from a dog fight. Upon examination, the animal also exhibits old scarring. He is being surrendered to Renee’s Rescues. In order to save his life, he needs to have both ears removed, in addition to both eardrums. He has open infected wounds all over his body and will need several days of emergency care.  He is going to be an ICU patient for at least a week so we have increased his fundraising goal. We will post all paid invoices to ensure transparency. We were with him at the emergency vet last night. We are praying he makes it.

If you can help at all, please click on our Donation link.  Renee’s Rescues, Incorporated is a federally recognized non-profit in the State of DE. All donations towards this dog are tax-deductible by law. Tax ID 47-1497117. Thank you for considering a small donation to help this dog get a second chance at life.