Hello, Animal Angels! Pupdate on Jingle, the dog rescued from the puppy mill with a rear right leg limb deformity:

Thanks to a kind donor, we are able to move forward with very costly medical tests to confirm her official diagnosis. This alone is estimated to be over $600.00 even with our rescue discount. We have already spent roughly $520.00 thus far for Jingle’s care. We are estimating an additional $450.00 to get her where she needs to be before she can be officially adopted. This includes her spay surgery amongst other factors.

In addition to other medical issues, Jingle has megaesophagus confirmed via X-rays by our vet along with a specialist. She must be fed upright. (We will be getting her a special chair.) Our team member, Cecilia, who pulled Jingle from the mill, collaborated with Dr. Shultz on a plan of care and has been monitoring Jingle 24/7. Our primary concern was aspirate pneumonia as she was regurgitating with increased respiratory rate. It was touch and go so we were waiting for Jingle to be stable before exploring where she would be placed in the future.

Cecilia has asked to officially adopt Jingle. Understandably, she has emotionally bonded with the animal. The Board Members of Renee’s Rescues have agreed that honoring Cecilia’s request to adopt Jingle is appropriate and fair. She will be paying an adoption fee and ALL funds raised specifically for Jingle to this date will be applied to Jingle. We are more than happy to provide print outs of everything and upload them here for review as we treat her in the coming weeks. We’re sharing this ridiculously long post because numerous people applied to adopt Jingle and wanted to explain our decision. Cecilia is amazing and she has proven to be both a true friend of the Rescue and a solid, trustworthy rescuer in the puppy mills. She is exemplary and we are confident she is the best person for Jingle at this time.

We will update all of you in the next 14 days with her official diagnosis, aside from her physical deformity along with the megaesophagus. She is in great spirits and loves to cuddle. Very sorry to disappoint numerous friends that applied for her and we hope you understand why we are choosing her rescuer as her future mommy.

It was important to be transparent and keep everyone in tune. Thank you for your continued support!