Welcome Jingle!

Everyone seems to be inspired by our newest intake, Jingle. Understandably so! This brave little girl was living outside on an Amish farm in PA. She has a limb deformity on her rear right leg. As a result, the breeder could not fetch top dollar. We paid $40 for her. Cash is king at the puppy mill and everything has a cost. My amazing rescue partner in the mills, Cecilia, put on a brave face and got this sweetheart to safety. How did her leg get like that? We aren’t sure. The breeder initially told Cecilia that the puppy’s mother chewed it off. (Gag.) When she tried to acquire more info, he then told her she was born that way.

Several people have offered to foster and/or adopt this cutie patootie. We really appreciate it. Other health issues have come to surface that we need to tackle before I can start moving her around. She is being closely monitored by Dr. Renee Boggs & Dr. Teri Shultz.

If you want to send Jingle a plush toy or a fleece blanket, feel free to ship it to Animal Veterinary Center, Attn: Jingle/Renee’s Rescues. I will make sure she gets it! She is unable to consume any treats or chews so please hang on to that stuff for now. Thanks for reading.

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