Pug Puppies

Last night, we took in 7 newborn pug mix puppies that had been rejected by their mother. Five girls and two boys. They were almost 48 hours old when I got them. The small runt, a girl (Abby), didn’t make it to her third day…she was just too far gone after receiving no nourishment since birth. Most of the puppies had dried up long umbilical cords still attached. None had been helped to pee or poop until we got them and they were backed up and painful. Five of the puppies are doing very well and adjusting to the bottles. One of the boys (Gino), has a partial cleft palate and we’re waiting for the vet to take that one, although he’s a favorite of course. We’ve been slowly getting food into him…he’s eager!

As you know, the rescue runs on a shoestring budget and we could use any help you could provide. You can donate via PayPal by sending money to [email protected]. Every dollar counts! Thank you in advance and send your prayers and good wishes to the pug babies.

And thank you to those who have already donated to Clementine, Polly, Nadia, Noel, Oliver, Gino & Abby!

pug-pup2pug-pup3 pups pug-pup