Thank you so much for your very generous donation to Renee’s Rescues, Inc. 

Renee’s Rescues is an all-volunteer non-profit organization based in Delaware. Our focus is to rescue misplaced, abandoned, mistreated and abused canines with a significant amount of rescue work with puppies and adult dogs acquired from large-scale breeding operations. Most, if not all, have spent life in cages or outdoor hutches prior to coming to us. Our dedicated foster families, along with our Canine Rehabilitator, assist with house-training and crate training before they are adopted. Additionally, our team works together to provide extra TLC and socialization. This enables them to flourish as they start their new chapter of life.

Your support means everything to us! With your donation, we are one step closer to making happy healthy lives for the dogs that we rescue. We are so grateful to you and your support!

Renee’s Rescues, Incorporated is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit. As such, donations made are tax-deductible.


Renee Martini
Founder of Renee’s Rescues Inc.