New intake!

We took in Toto today.  He is estimated to be a Maltese mix, 3 to 5 years old. Toto is exhibiting distress & pain/ possible injury. Since our vet was closed, we took him to VCA to get checked out.

The vet had to shave him down. He believes one leg has muscle atrophy from the severity of the mats. One leg couldn’t properly extend due to matting which wrapped around leg.

Toto is being sent home with Buprenorphine for pain and Rimadyl as an anti-inflammatory. We imagine he feels much better now.  And what a transformation!

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Chihuahua DUMPED in woods FOUND!

Poor Sebastian. His owner died and the relatives let him loose in the woods. He was finally caught. Look at his nails! Despite this, he is very friendly with shelter staff and just wants love.

In partnership with Cecil County Animal Services, we proudly welcome Sebastian, a 6-year-old Chihuahua to rescue. He is currently at the shelter and Heartworm positive. We couldn’t say no. I’m seeking a foster PAWrent near Bear, DE willing to give Sebastian a safehaven. We provide food, crate, toys, treats and vet care. You provide the love. We will treat him for Heartworms. Seeking at least a 2-month commitment to get this angel feeling better.

If you are willing to take him in as a foster, please apply on our website ASAP and we will contact you. Thanks for reading!

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Pupdate on Matilda Mae!

The results are in, Ladies & Gents. Matilda Mae does not have cancer!  She has irritable bowel, a UTI and a bladder infection…but NO CANCER! Wahoo!!

Our vet has started her on a few meds to treat the infections. In addition, she was directed to start “prescription food” (which she left with) to reduce intestinal inflammation.  The vet is optimistic for a full recovery to health! We just need to undo the neglect but we will get there. Go, Matilda Mae!

Another pupdate next Tuesday when she returns to vet for a follow-up and dental cleaning/extractions.

Should you wish to donate to help us offset Matilda Mae’s vet costs, please click on our donate link.

Thank you for your continued interest & support!

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Renee’s Rescues collaborated with AABR and got this cutie safe. Please reach out to them with interest! 4-year-old Boxer used as a stud his whole life. Now it’s his turn to live a life of love indoors!

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Welcoming Matilda Mae to Renee’s Rescues! Matilda Mae comes to us as a result of our partnership with Cecil County Animal Services. She was an unclaimed stray. We are honored that they trusted us with this sweet girl.  This neglect is estimated to be over 12 months in the making. She was suffering for quite some time!

Matilda Mae is estimated to be a 6-year-old Shih-Tzu mix. Extremely sweet but shy – understandably! She will need a safe foster family to decompress. She has not displayed any behaviors which lead us to believe she would be cat or dog reactive. She just goes with the flow! Want to foster Matilda Mae and live in or near New Castle County, DE? Apply online and we will be in touch ASAP! House training is unknown since she has been at the shelter. She was shaved down and given a medicated bath. She is relaxing at present. Please consider opening your heart and home!

Apply to foster OR adopt!


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Hello, Animal Angels! Pupdate on Jingle, the dog rescued from the puppy mill with a rear right leg limb deformity:

Thanks to a kind donor, we are able to move forward with very costly medical tests to confirm her official diagnosis. This alone is estimated to be over $600.00 even with our rescue discount. We have already spent roughly $520.00 thus far for Jingle’s care. We are estimating an additional $450.00 to get her where she needs to be before she can be officially adopted. This includes her spay surgery amongst other factors.

In addition to other medical issues, Jingle has megaesophagus confirmed via X-rays by our vet along with a specialist. She must be fed upright. (We will be getting her a special chair.) Our team member, Cecilia, who pulled Jingle from the mill, collaborated with Dr. Shultz on a plan of care and has been monitoring Jingle 24/7. Our primary concern was aspirate pneumonia as she was regurgitating with increased respiratory rate. It was touch and go so we were waiting for Jingle to be stable before exploring where she would be placed in the future.

Cecilia has asked to officially adopt Jingle. Understandably, she has emotionally bonded with the animal. The Board Members of Renee’s Rescues have agreed that honoring Cecilia’s request to adopt Jingle is appropriate and fair. She will be paying an adoption fee and ALL funds raised specifically for Jingle to this date will be applied to Jingle. We are more than happy to provide print outs of everything and upload them here for review as we treat her in the coming weeks. We’re sharing this ridiculously long post because numerous people applied to adopt Jingle and wanted to explain our decision. Cecilia is amazing and she has proven to be both a true friend of the Rescue and a solid, trustworthy rescuer in the puppy mills. She is exemplary and we are confident she is the best person for Jingle at this time.

We will update all of you in the next 14 days with her official diagnosis, aside from her physical deformity along with the megaesophagus. She is in great spirits and loves to cuddle. Very sorry to disappoint numerous friends that applied for her and we hope you understand why we are choosing her rescuer as her future mommy.

It was important to be transparent and keep everyone in tune. Thank you for your continued support!

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She is still not progressing as she should be. Her response to stimuli is delayed. In addition, she tumbles over herself when she is standing. She is living full-time with our vet, Dr. Shultz, to ensure her overall wellbeing.

We know a lot of you applied for these Pug puppies. Please understand we have to make sure they are functioning and living a great life before we move forward with placing them with families. All of these animals are like our children so sometimes we worry like hovering parents. Thanks for understanding.

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Pupdate on Khloe!

Khloe came into rescue last week. We have received several wonderful applications for her. Upon intake, we noticed she was missing fur on her hind end and rear legs. Her skin had also thickened to what can best visually describe as “elephant skin.”

She was given a medicated bath and a Convenia shot. Treating as dermatitis from flea allergy but she is flea-free now. Will be spayed once her skin heals and fur regrows. Paws crossed! Updates in the coming weeks. Very sweet temperament. She weighs just under 15 lbs. and is listed as a Shih-Tzu/Terrier mix. Heartworm and Lyme negative.

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Pug Babies!

Post bottle ritual – with full bellies, their foster mommy puts them in bed and gives them each a finger. They suckle to sleep just like they would if they had a mom. It’s good for their digestion but obviously for their emotional well being as well. Sleep tight babies.


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Welcome Jingle!

Everyone seems to be inspired by our newest intake, Jingle. Understandably so! This brave little girl was living outside on an Amish farm in PA. She has a limb deformity on her rear right leg. As a result, the breeder could not fetch top dollar. We paid $40 for her. Cash is king at the puppy mill and everything has a cost. My amazing rescue partner in the mills, Cecilia, put on a brave face and got this sweetheart to safety. How did her leg get like that? We aren’t sure. The breeder initially told Cecilia that the puppy’s mother chewed it off. (Gag.) When she tried to acquire more info, he then told her she was born that way.

Several people have offered to foster and/or adopt this cutie patootie. We really appreciate it. Other health issues have come to surface that we need to tackle before I can start moving her around. She is being closely monitored by Dr. Renee Boggs & Dr. Teri Shultz.

If you want to send Jingle a plush toy or a fleece blanket, feel free to ship it to Animal Veterinary Center, Attn: Jingle/Renee’s Rescues. I will make sure she gets it! She is unable to consume any treats or chews so please hang on to that stuff for now. Thanks for reading.

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