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2017 Renee's Rescues Calendar

Please consider supporting us? This years calendar features a selection of this years adopted dogs & their stories of finding that perfect furever home!  Our cover model is Lazarus (now Jackson) who has overcome so much with the help of his wonderful family.

For only $15 plus $3 shipping you can enjoy this fabulous calendar while helping pups in 2017!

Latest Updates


Noel, one of the Pug puppies, was fading away. Our rescue, along with our vet, agreed to put her to sleep this morning.  She has now crossed the bridge. It is a sensitive day today.  Special thanks to our Vice President, Chelsea, who spent night and day giving absolutely everything she had to get Noel this far.

Please send prayers as Noel runs free at The Rainbow Bridge. Thank you.


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In DESPERATE need of puppy fosters to begin 12/16/16. We provide everything you need. Seeking people within reasonable driving radius of Newark, Delaware.

Apply online!



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Pupdate on Matilda & her puppies

Matilda and her babies are healthy and growing big.🐾❤️
As always, your support keeps this rescue going and we thank you!



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We are so sad to report that although transport was lined up for first thing this morning, the little guy with the cleft palate didn’t make it through the night. At the midnight feed, he was in terrible shape and barely hanging on. He passed shortly after that. Rest In Peace, sweet Gino.


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Pug Puppies

Last night, we took in 7 newborn pug mix puppies that had been rejected by their mother. Five girls and two boys. They were almost 48 hours old when I got them. The small runt, a girl (Abby), didn’t make it to her third day…she was just too far gone after receiving no nourishment since birth. Most of the puppies had dried up long umbilical cords still attached. None had been helped to pee or poop until we got them and they were backed up and painful. Five of the puppies are doing very well and adjusting to the bottles. One of the boys (Gino), has a partial cleft palate and we’re waiting for the vet to take that one, although he’s a favorite of course. We’ve been slowly getting food into him…he’s eager!

As you know, the rescue runs on a shoestring budget and we could use any help you could provide. You can donate via PayPal by sending money to Every dollar counts! Thank you in advance and send your prayers and good wishes to the pug babies.

And thank you to those who have already donated to Clementine, Polly, Nadia, Noel, Oliver, Gino & Abby!

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Kit is slowly starting to trust and get comfortable with his foster PAWrents

Kit is slowly starting to trust and get comfortable with his foster PAWrents, Erika and Kate. This video clip gives you insight on his fear when outside. We have a long road ahead of us! He sees our vet, Dr. Teri Shultz, on Wednesday followed by a behavior evaluation with Dr. Boggs.

Kit needs an XL orthopedic bed, winter sweater/jacket (he weighs 46-lbs.), and treat puzzles. (He loves treat puzzles!) Any brand works. If you have interest in shipping something to Kit, anything is welcomed. PM me and I’d be happy to give you a physical mailing address. Your kindness is always tax-deductible! Thanks for reading and supporting Kit’s Journey.❤️

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Remember Kit, the dog who recovered from multiple gunshot wounds?

Remember Kit, the dog who recovered from multiple gunshot wounds? He has arrived to Renee’s Rescues. We will work on building his confidence and healing the emotional trauma. When his foster took him outside earlier, he was trying to hide behind trees. This makes sense to me since he was shot outside. 😔

We are dedicated to his care and understand he will not recover overnight. Please welcome Kit to our rescue family!

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Been up all night thinking about our newest intake, Kit

Kit, a male Beagle mix, was found by animal control officers laying in a ditch with gunshot wounds to BOTH front paws. (Confirmed by xrays.) Kindra, fellow rescuer and Veterinary Assistant, nursed him back to health. Understandably, the emotional trauma and severity of his fear will take time to work through. To gain better perspective, keep in mind he was only 11-months-old when he was shot.


Kit will be here on Saturday arriving as a rescue transfer. He will decompress with minimal stimulation in his foster home for the first 72 hours. He has an appt scheduled with Dr. Teri Shultz early next week followed by a behavior evaluation. Thank you for reading and supporting #teamKit.

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